Brazil and Carnival = makes me wanna throw up!

I hate this time of the year..! I REALLY HATE- AND I MEAN IT! Brasil always has the money to this shitty party, EVERY FUCKIN YEAR, the same bullshit, they ‘make’ money from NOWHERE to this carnival thing. I wonder WHEN people are going to wake up for this, I mean citizen, because politicians don’t care at all. And I’m not just a teenage “hater” ok.. just try to think about it and I’m sure you’ll agree with me: WHY THE HELL BRASIL NEVER HAS THE MONEY TO PUBLIC HEALTH OR PUBLIC EDUCATION (IN GENERAL) AND WHEN IT COMES ABOUT “CARNAVAL” THEY GAVE 3 MILLION TO EVERY “ESCOLA DE SAMBA” = (lots of groups that participate of the carnival thing) WHY?! because Brazil’s government isn’t worried about solve these problems, even though they can. They just want we enjoy carnival as much as we can so we don’t pay attention on the shit they’re doing, and where they’re putting the money that could save millions of starving kids, homeless people, etc, etc. 

I’m sorry about that followers, I just needed to say it.

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    Same thing goes for New Orleans & mardi gras smh
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